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Shakers and Kazoos


Shaker: empty paper towel roll, items for decorating (markers, stickers, bingo dabbers, ribbon, etc.), dried beans or lentils, tape

Kazoos: empty toilet paper roll, rubber band, wax paper


Shaker: Take an empty paper towel roll and decorate it with whatever you have on hand; stickers, markers, dabbers etc. Tape up one end of the roll, and pour between ¼ to ½ cup dried beans, lentils or any other dry legumes into the roll. Tape up the other end. You can add ribbons or streamers at the end of the roll.

A few hints, tape up the ends well or the legumes may come out and fly around the room when you shake it you don’t want that to happen! Also, the size of the legume will make different sounds – the larger beans will have a louder sound with the smaller ones a softer sound. Shake and enjoy!

Kazoo: This is the simplest instrument you can make. Get an empty toilet paper roll (you can decorate it if you want), cut a square 3” piece of wax paper put it on one end of the roll with a rubber band. To play, put the open end close to your lips, barely touching, and say “ooooo” into it. This vibrates the wax paper and amplifies the sound. Just blowing into it will not produce a sound. This may take some practice so move the kazoo around until the sound comes out. Once you got it you will not want to stop!

By now, almost two weeks into having them home you may be tired of the noise your children produce so you may be hesitant in making these. However; if you allow them a specified amount of time to play with these – perhaps along a CD or other music it can focus their energy and you can play along with them too. This can help them be more receptive to other activities you would like them to do. Have fun!

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