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Links to Resources

We will be trying to edit this post frequently, adding some interesting online resources parents may find interesting. If you find it interesting, please bookmark it.

  • Join Crayola and Grammy Award winning singer Lisa Loeb at 11am ET every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on FaceBook for a nursery rhyme colour and sing along. More info at

  • In April, the CCC Staff were scheduled to have a Nutrition workshop. Here are some resources related to that now cancelled workshop - a website called Nuton.

  • Assiniboine Park Zoo is posting several videos a week where they introduce viewers to a new animal at the Zoo. More information available here.

  • If you prefer sea creatures, the National Aquarium in Baltimore is offering similar online tours, as are many Zoos around North America.

  • National Geographic For Kids has a lot of educational games, videos and activities available.

  • There is a public Facebook group called Easter Egg Hunt 2020 Social Distancing. It has members across Canada. This Easter, the members were challenged to create crafts and display them on their window and doors. Some of the members have stepped up to the challenge and with their children, have created some beautiful pieces.

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