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Red Light Green Light

Children love to play movement games. Red Light Green Light is one of those games! Before you begin, you and your child can make a stop, go and slow down sign along with finding a whistle that you can use in case if you or your child decides to break the law while playing.

First get some paper, crayons, a black marker, 3 popsicle sticks, scissors and a glue stick. Then cut out an octagon for the Stop sign and 2 circles 1 for each of the Go and Slow signs. Next, have your child colour the octagon red, one of the circles green and the other circle yellow. Once they are done that now take the black marker and write STOP on the octagon, GO on the green circle and SLOW on the yellow circle. Now, have your child take the glue stick and have them glue each one of the shapes to a popsicle stick. You are now ready to play Red Light Green Light.

It’s probably best to play this game outside as there is lots of room to run around. Between you and your child you can take turns being the driver and the one who controls the traffic lights. If you are the person who is controlling them make sure to hold your signs nice and high so that the person whose the driver can see the signs nice and clear. If the driver breaks the law make sure to blow the whistle loud and clear and get them to obey the law! If you’re the driver make sure to follow the law for the most part haha!

Have fun!

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