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Tissue Paper Butterfly

Butterfly crafts are very popular with kids during springtime. This craft uses tissue paper and looks so pretty when it’s all done! It takes a little patience but could even be done in stages if you are crafting with younger kids. Also, you can use puffy butterfly like decorations for your room.

What you will need

  • cardboard

  • glue (thicker is better or hot glue)

  • scissors

  • tissue paper (different colors)

  • pencil

How to make tissue paper butterfly

Step 1. Draw a simple butterfly on a cardboard and cut out the picture.

Step 2. Draw on the butterfly the patterns where you want to show of different color tissue paper.

Step 3. Cut tissue paper into the small squares.

Step 4. Put glue on the picture of butterfly. Do small sections at the time so that the glue doesn’t dry before you are finished.

Step 5. Place the eraser end of the pencil in the center of tissue paper square and twist the paper around the eraser. Using the pencil as a handle, place the tissue paper on the glue and lift the pencil up. The tissue paper should remain standing in the glue. If young kids cannot do that, they can just crumple the squares of tissue paper.

Step 6. Repeat step 5 with each color tissue paper to fill all areas of the butterfly picture.

Now you can decorate your room with a beautiful butterfly.

Enjoy your butterfly craft.

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