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Lego Mazes

Here is a fun and creative activity to do that gets children to use their critical thinking skills and fine motor skills. The end result is a game that they can play with and challenge their parents or siblings with. I think the Bison Room children will, especially, have fun with this activity because it involves 2 things they absolutely love…Lego and Mazes!!!


Building blocks (Lego or Duplo for younger children)

Building plate (Flat piece for your base)



Create a maze on the building plate. Start with your empty building plate and use the Lego blocks to create a maze. Basically, anything goes. Let your child use their imagination to create a maze for the marble to travel through, from one end of the building plate to the other. Remember mazes have some challenge built into them. Such as dead ends, several routes to the end. They can also include doors, Lego figurines, trees, etc. It’s totally up to the child what kind of maze they want to create. Tip: When creating the path for the marble to go through the maze, make sure the path is wide enough for the marble to be able to travel through it.

Once your maze is built and finished, it’s time to try it out. Put your marble at the starting point of the maze and tip the plate to move the marble around to get to the end point of the maze.

A Couple of Notes:

  • This is an activity that your child can work on independently, with a sibling or you can work with your child to create a maze together.

  • Once you master making your way through one maze, you can create a more complex maze and have challenges to see who can get the marble through the maze the fastest.

  • Safety Note – Marbles and Lego pieces can be choking hazards, especially for younger children (3 and under). Please make sure that your children are supervised while doing this activity.

Have fun creating your mazes. The possibilities are endless!!!

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