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Blowing Colour Bubbles

Sensory activities are so important for children to engage with and learn from when they are younger. And honestly, with how curious their minds are, it just makes sense to let them explore and interact with objects and crafts using their senses, right?

Sometimes as parents, it can feel overwhelming to introduce concepts or crafts because of the lack of time or resources. You don’t have to have a ton of time or supplies to make this activity happen. Once you see how much fun your baby or toddler will have, you’ll realize that this simple activity may just be your new favorite go-to fun!

How does this bubble sensory play teach toddlers?

Can you imagine what a toddler is thinking when they see a huge pile of bubbles appear? They are probably wondering why the bubbles feel light as air, what causes bubbles to pop, and learning a bit about cause and effect at the same time!

Keep in mind that anytime you’re creating and presenting anything interesting to your child, they are learning! Either from using their senses or their imagination, or even a combination of both!

I hope that this baby and toddler activity shows you how simple and fun sensory activities can be! You can use any store bought bubble solution or make your own.

Blowing Bubbles – Materials:
  • Bubble solution

  • Bowl or container

  • Straw

  • Food coloring, optional


  1. Add bubble solution to a bowl.

  2. Add food coloring (optional)

  3. Blow bubbles into the bowl (blow out only!)

  4. Encourage your child to touch and pop the bubbles.

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