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Flower Stamps for Mother's Day

Normally, this time of the year, Panda kids would be busy doing their Mother’s Day craft. Since they are not able to do one, I decided to make one for everyone. Advance Happy Mother’s Day to our dear mothers. I hope you get to relax and will have a beautiful celebration with your family.


Red paint (flowers)

Purple paint (flowers)

Green paint (leaves)

White paint (buds)

Sponges (cut into strips)

Construction paper

A thin construction paper (for inside the card, optional)

A small piece of old newspaper



Cotton bud


Fold the construction paper in half. Cut the thin construction paper slightly smaller than the card base. Glue inside the card. Cut a small triangle from the old newspaper. Then glue it on the construction paper. The triangle will serve as the vase or a wrapper for the flowers. Roll up the strips of sponges into a swirl-shape. Secure with rubber bands. Cut a leaf-shape sponge. Prepare your paints. Dip the rolled-up sponge softly on the paints for flowers. Then stamp it on the construction paper randomly resembling a bouquet. Dip the leaf-shape sponge on the green paint then stamp. Stamp little white dots on the paper using the cotton bud.

Once the paints and glue are dried, write your message. Voila, you have your DIY greeting card.

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