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Soapy Sensory Jars

To make your own soapy sensory jar, you’ll need:

  • empty, clean plastic jar – like a peanut butter jar – with a lid

  • dish soap

  • glitter

  • food coloring

  • super glue or hot glue – options

Fill a peanut butter jar (or other large plastic jar) half-way with water. Add food coloring of your choice.

Add some dish soap. Lots if you want lots of bubbles!

Add glitter in too if you’d like some sparkles.

Then put on the lid. I’ve never sealed it with glue, but you can if you’re worried about kids opening it up, or it leaking.

Shake & Roll Your Soapy Sensory Jar

It doesn’t matter what they do, or how they do it, the jars just need to be moving. We love to get our toddlers moving, because, well I like to burn off their energy every day!

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