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Butterfly Hands

This here is a fun activity to do with your children for Mother's Day! It's a way to spend time together and work on a fun art activity! It allows the child to make a beautiful art piece for mom while exploring and being creative!


Construction paper Googly eyes Paint or other colours


Take whatever colour of construction paper the child likes and have them fold it in half. Have them lay their hand on it and trace it, adding an extra finger that will serve as an antenna for the butterfly.

Cut out the traced shape and unfold it from the half. Then on another construction paper (folded in half) trace the shape needed for the butterfly body, cut it out and unfold.

Glue this onto the larger butterfly shape that was done with the hand tracing add on googly eyes and put paint or colours as the child likes. Next the child can write whatever message they want and present it to mom!

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