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Parents Looking For Care

Dear Parents, By now, you’re probably tired of hearing about what a challenging time this is. With the province starting to loosen regulations and guidelines on social distancing, the staff of CCC would like to offer you some help. Campus Children’s Centre is organizing a Respite Care/Babysitting Matchmaking Service. Here’s how it works: If you are searching for care, you can email Dan at . Include your name and your children; your contact information; your general location; whether you are looking for occasional or more frequent care; and whether or not you are open to taking your children to a staff member’s house. Your request will be forwarded to the staff. Those interested will contact the parents directly to negotiate times, payment, etc. Some important notes: This is not a service provided by CCC. There are several staff members who are willing and able to help parents out with occasional respite and babysitting. CCC is not providing this care or paying for this care, we are simply trying to match parents looking for care with trained, experienced workers that your families already know and trust. Every staff member that has made themselves available will have different concerns. Some will only be interested in opportunities in their area, some will be only be interested in occasional care. Requests from parents will be forwarded to all staff. And please remember that CCC staff are experienced child care workers and have a history of providing high quality care. This care is not related to the centre’s reopening plan at large. If you have any questions, feel free to ask at .

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