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Handprint LadyBug Craft

This adorable little ladybug craft is a fun way to celebrate spring and summer, the time of year when you start to see adorable little ladybugs crawling around in the garden and the playground. I love the handprint wings because handprints are a great keepsake whenever they are used in crafts!

  • printer and paper (if using the template pieces),

  • black and red construction paper,

  • pencil,

  • scissors,

  • glue,

  • Optional: wiggly eyes


  • Use a circular object to trace a circle on a piece of black construction paper and cut it out (use a household object to trace the object and choose the size to match the size of the hands you will be tracing).

  • Trace hands onto a piece red construction paper (make sure you trace both hands so that they look like wings) and cut them out.

  • Cut out several little black dots. You can use the dots from our template our you can cut out your own by tracing a small circular object (make it easier by folding the paper over a couple times and cutting out multiple dots at once).

  • Glue the dots onto the handprints (wings) and don't worry about going over the edges of the fingers because you can always trim them off or leave them.

  • Cut out too larger white circles out of paper and (again you can use the eyes from the template instead) and glue one black dot onto each circle to make eyes.

  • Glue wiggly eyes, the eyes from the template or eyes you make from white paper onto the head.

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