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5 Gross Motor Activities for Inside

Newspaper Snowball Fight

This activity is exactly as it sounds. All that’s needed is a crumpled up newspaper (or scrap paper) and the imagination that you're outside in the winter tossing snowballs around.


This is a game I always thoroughly enjoyed as a child. The object of the game is to simply not touch the floor by using pillows, furniture, and blankets, or you would be ‘burnt’ by the lava. This game always got more and more interesting as it went on when the objects you used to get around shifted from jumping on it. By the end the living room looks more like a parkour park!

Squish the Bugs!

All that’s needed for this activity is paper made bugs (they do not have to be as fancy as the ones above), and a fly swatter. They can even be plastic toy bugs. Next, hide the bugs around your house and have your child hunt for them. When he/she finds them, they swat the bug with the fly swatter.

Dance and Freeze!

No materials needed for this activity besides a music player! The object of the game is to dance when the music is playing and freeze when it is stopped. This game is also so much more fun when there are more people playing, a.k.a busting a move.

The Golf, Baseball, and Tennis Activity

Sports aren’t being played in public right now, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be played in your own home. I call this game the Golf, Baseball, and Tennis Activity because it can be whichever game you want, depending on your child’s capabilities of course. The only materials needed are balloons and a fly swatter, and perhaps the imagination that you’re playing at Wrigley Field. Your child can swat the balloon over their head (Tennis), from the side (baseball), or from the ground (golf). If you want to put in a bit more effort to the activity, you can place an object somewhere for them to hit it over or at.

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