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Favourite Stories for Young Children

The Pigeon Needs a Bath by Mo Willems

(Ages 2 and up)

Pigeon refuses to take a bath, but soon realizes why he needs one.

Questions for the children

  • Pigeon asks questions during the story, maybe repeat them to your child as you read it to make sure they are engaged in the story.

Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons By James Dean and Eric Litwin

(Ages 2 and up)

Pete keeps losing the buttons off of his shirt, but he soon learns that it’s okay because buttons come and buttons go.

This is more of a math book, but young children love the song that goes with it.

Questions for your child

  • Do you think Pete was still happy even though he lost all of his buttons?

  • Maybe pause the video at some point and count the buttons with your child

Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes By James Dean and Eric Litwin (Ages 2 and up)

Pete learns about colours while strutting in his white shoes.

Questions to ask your child

  • Each time Pete steps in something different, you could ask your child what colour the shoes will turn next.

  • Ask your child which colour of shoes was their favourite.

The Paper Bag Princess By Robert Munsch

(Ages 2 and up)

Elizabeth, a princess dressed in nothing but a paper bag, tries to save her prince by tricking the dragon who kidnapped him.

Questions to ask your children

  • Do you think Elizabeth was brave for going to rescue ronald?

  • Do you think Elizabeth was happy even though she didn’t marry Ronald?

The Napping House By Audrey Wood

(All ages)

What happens when a wakeful flee visits the napping house where everyone is sleeping?

Questions to ask your child

  • What do you think the wakeful flea is going to do?

  • Perhaps you have a pet at home that you could point out within the book

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy By Mo Willems

(Ages 2 and up)

Pigeon has a list of things he wants, I wonder what’s on it?

  • What do you think the Pigeon really really wants?

  • Do you think the puppy was a little more work than he thought?

  • Do you think a walrus is going to be lots of work too?

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