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Ice Cream Sandwiches

I love finding healthier versions of recipes, especially things my children like to eat. My two year old loves chocolate, so one recipe we make at home is for making your own Nesquik mix without all the sugar and preservatives that’s in the store bought brand, which I will post later this week! But for now I’m going to share our homemade ‘Healthier’ Ice Cream Sandwiches.


1 Tub of Light or Sugar Free Cool Whip Topping

1 Box of Graham Crackers

1 Big Box of Sugar-Free Chocolate Pudding (I have regular pudding pictured because that’s what I had but we usually use sugar-free)

Toppings such as Sprinkles, Mini M&M’s, Chocolate Chips,Milk


In a large mixing bowl mix together the pudding mix with the milk following the directions on the pudding box and mix for about 2 minutes. After you’re done mixing that continue to add the Cool Whip Topping and mix with an electric mixer until completely mixed. Put the bowl of the pudding combination into the freezer for about 20 minutes to get a thicker mixture otherwise it’s usually too runny. After your mixture has thicken spoon the pudding onto the graham cracker and put the top of the graham cracker on creating a sandwich then roll the sides in whatever kind of topping you prefer. And put your finished sandwiches in freezer bags and freeze for about an hour.


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